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Hello everyone,

Today we have another different post. I’m not really one who is in crazily fashion but I do love shopping and buying new clothes (who doesn’t?). After finding a new app that I am obsessing over “21 buttons” (follow me: lifeofellabella) I was inspired to share with you one of my most worn outfits at the moment.

Primark is the place to be in terms of affordable fashion. The only issue with everything being “cheap” is that you fill your basket “because it’s cheap” and then get to the till and it’s no longer that cheap, anyone relate?

Full Look

Dont mind me and my awkward pose trying to be a model…(cringing badly right now).
Everything apart from the bag is from Primark and I personally think this outfit looks much more expensive than £25 (including shoes).

I paired the outfit with these boots, which for me are something very different and out there. I am very much a comfy flats kinda girl but when I saw these I feel in love. They just add something unique to the outfit. I wasn’t sure if they would match but they did, however they would also look amazing with jeans and a plain top. Plus THEY ARE COMFORTABLE.
I never thought I would be so excited over floral boots…

I hope you enjoyed this less wordy more OOTD post.
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Ellie x

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