2 Fantastic TV Drama Series to Improve Your English Language and Pronunciation Skills

It is frequently said that an excessive amount of time spent looking drama series on television is a waste of valuable time. But looking first-rate drama collection can constitute an high-quality manner for the mastery of the English Language. According to the Cone of Learning through Edgar Dale, 50% of what we see and hear gets remembered. So what better manner to pick up new words of the English Language via looking dramas!

Best of all, no longer simplest does this technique of learning effective; it’s also a surprisingly amusing and enjoyable affair that you can contain your own family and friends!

Here are 3 English drama series I noticeably advise.

Drama Series #1: Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by way of British creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that first seemed in print in 1887. Sherlock and his assistant John Watson went round fixing the most complicated and exciting criminal mysteries throughout London.

But in this drama collection, the writers juxtapose these classics into London inside the 21st century, thereby developing a present day model of the original testimonies.

This is a terrific show for several motives. The show affords for extra than enough possibilities to grasp the proper pronunciation and enunciation of the language peppered with robust British accent. To pinnacle it of, you may enjoy the classical British humor that emerged often from the dialogues, and now not to mention the charming plots with twists and turns because the tale unfolds.

Drama Series #2: House of Cards

Originally created in the UK for BBC tv as a mini collection based at the book by way of Michael Dobbs, this first-rate Netflix unique has enchanted a wide following.

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Frank Underwood (played via Kevin Spacey), a member of the Democratic Party, is neglected for a promoting that he has dedicated his entire profession for. Seeking revenge, he masterminded a plan to climb proper to the pinnacle of the Washington D.C. Political machinery along with his spouse Claire (performed by means of Robin Wright).

This is a super collection to exercise information American accents with loads of technical business and political vocabulary. After watching this one you will absolutely have multiplied your knowledge of the English language and additionally loved a extremely good series.


Mastering the English Language may be a a laugh-stuffed circle of relatives affair in the front of the tv set. But do do not forget to bring your pocket book together with you so that you can seize any new phrases or literary devices that come your way. You can be an English Language movie star in no time!

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