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Today I would like to dedicate a post to blushers. I flipping LOVE blusher so why not? It can literally change your whole makeup look and just make you look so much more alive/awake. It is seriously one of my must wears, so if you are like me and enjoy blusher- you will hopefully enjoy this post.

Here is an all round preview of all the blushers I am going to be talking about. As you can see I have also included swatches. Left to right: I heart makeup peachy kiss, charlotte tilbury love glow, hourglass ethereal glow and max factor nude pink. 

One of my all time favourite blushers happens to also be one of the cheapest blushers I own. This blusher is from “I Heart Makeup” and only costs £4.99. This particular blusher is in the shade peachy kiss, however all of their shades are stunning.
I love that this blusher has three different shades. Personally I like to swirl by brush using all the colours so I get a glowy look. The lighter shade really makes my face glow, the pinky shade adds that natural blush and then the bronzier colour brings a little bit of warmth. Perfect. The pigmentation is fab, all round an amazing value product.

Charlotte tilbury is up there with my favourite brands. This blusher did not let me down in the slightest. It is a deeper pink than my other blushers, which I really do like. This blusher is one I go for when I am wearing no bronzer, or when I am wearing a nude lip. I feel like it just finishes my makeup look. The fact that there are two different shades of pink means that the colour on your cheek isn’t too intense but is definitely there.
Highly recommend!
This hourglass blusher is a really ‘true’ blusher shade. Sometimes blushers, as above, can be very glowly, very shiny and very ‘fake’ looking. And although I don’t mind my blusher looking like blusher (if that makes sense) sometimes it is nice to have a blusher that looks natural. It is such a pale pink that it brightens your face but also adds a touch of colour. 
However being hourglass, this blusher is pricey therefore I have also included my max factor dupe of which is incredible. It is amazing quality and although the colour is different the concept is the same.

Both blushers are very buildable, which I love.

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So I think I have spoken enough about blushers now.
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